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Welcome to this presentation page. My name is Stéphane Bernard. I teach Marketing at Toulouse Business School (TBS). I am also currently redeploying and developing the SM2 Cluster — a set of graduate programs in Strategic Marketing Management delivered by TBS in Paris, Toulouse, Casablanca and Barcelona.

I hold a degree in Econometrics from TSE (Toulouse School of Economics), and PhD in Marketing from the University of Toulouse.

I started my career in a Marketing and Product Development Consultancy based in the UK, where  I lived for 7 years (this company is now a subsidiary of Creston Unlimited). During this period, I had the opportunity to work in many countries worldwide, on a large number of products and brands. These brands include Coca-Cola, Tropicana, Danone, Garnier / L’Oréal, Renault, The Savola Group, Colgate Palmolive, McVitie’s, Burger King, Kellogg’s,… For the last two years then, I was an Associate Director of the Agency.

Then I moved back to France and became an Affiliated Faculty with Toulouse Business School, and since 2005 I have been a Resident Faculty there.

My main areas of interest are:

  • the evolution of exchange of value, and value creation in Strategic Marketing, especially through new, innovative business models
  • digital, inbound and content marketing
  • the sports sector (and more specifically motorsports)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • the evolution of relationship marketing and CRM, as well as new customer data (Big Data / Smart Data)

I enjoy exploring these subjects a lot — with professionals and students alike — and I find the current evolution of my field fascinating and exciting. New technologies and new channels of communication offer a potential for a much more open and interactive environment. This creates opportunities for managers to do  better marketing, opportunities for businesses to find their customers, to interact with them and to improve the exchange of value. The strategic and operational solutions that are available to managers are really stimulating.

There are of course major ethical challenges attached to this evolution. The information that companies are getting about their customers helps them achieve a better value offering. It could come at a very high price in terms of privacy, and balance is a key objective for managers here.

I am really looking forward to discussing these subjects if you are a current or future student at Toulouse Business School. Of course, all opinions expressed here are mine and mine only, and do not necessarily reflect those of Toulouse Business School.

You can visit my profile on the official TBS web site by clicking here. You can also find me on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

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